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Bookchoice: 8 Great stories every month

Bookchoice introduction

Bookchoice. 8 Great stories every month

We love stories. They inspire, they connect, they stimulate, but above all they make you dream. Dream about journeys to other worlds, people and places. We've made it our mission to bring the special ones to you.

That's why we set up Bookchoice. We travel the world to find those beautiful gems that touch us, and we believe they will move you in the same way. From close-to-home and from far away, we find the must-reads by the biggest authors for you to enjoy. Every month we promise to bring you 8 wonderful books that you'll love reading or listening to.

At Bookchoice we believe that sharing stories can make the world a little better. Stories unite, they educate and they open our minds. That's why for every person who becomes a Bookchoice member, we will also donate the same stories to someone less fortunate. Together we can make a difference.

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